Ningbo no-fishing period

From May 1st to August 1st, Zhejiang entered a three-month fishing ban. Yesterday, Ningbo Marine Fisheries Bureau and Ningbo Municipal Market Supervision Bureau jointly conducted relevant inspections on all aspects of seafood circulation.

The reporter noted that although it was during the fishing ban period, there are still a large number of aquatic products on the market. The main sources are seafood, fisheries, frozen, and non-fishing nets. The seafood demand of the citizens has not been affected by the fishing season. The impact is greater, but the price has increased by a third.

A fresh mackerel failed to escape the eyes of fishery experts in the kitchen of the Haiyan 776 food court. “Although the current freezing technology is very powerful, but the fresh mackerel, you see, the fish red is one of them. More importantly, there is mucus, frozen, this mucus in the place where the fish mouth and the fish gill are connected. It’s definitely gone.” Huang Jianbo, deputy head of the Ningbo Marine Fisheries Law Enforcement Detachment, discovered “the clue”.

Qiu Zhenbang, head of the market department of Ningbo Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, told reporters that after several years of rectification, the market is generally good, and illegally caught catch products are rarely seen in all links. On the one hand, the source of the fishery administration has taken control and strengthened inspections. On the other hand, the market has also established sufficient channels to ensure seafood supply for many years.

The reporter learned that from May 8th officially entered the full fishing moratorium, the city’s market supervision department has included “one dozen three rectifications” in the top priority. At present, the city’s market supervision system has dispatched more than 5,000 law enforcement officers, checking 1232 farmer’s markets, 6599 catering units and 6159 stalls, and signed the “Responsibility of Marine Resources Protection Work in Farmers’ Markets” with 447 farmer’s markets in the city. A total of 13,636 letters of intent and signed letters of commitment were issued to market operators and catering units. Nearly 60 related cases have been investigated and notified to the fishery administration department to handle 27 cases of prohibited catches.

Post time: Aug-10-2018