Cologne International Exhibition

        The Cologne Exhibition Center is the fourth largest exhibition center in the world and one of the most attractive exhibition centers in Europe. In 2006, the exhibition center was presented with a brand-new design. The new four multi-purpose exhibition halls replaced the exhibition hall of the Rhine. The new exhibition venue has a compact layout and 11 exhibition halls are integrated. The exhibition infrastructure is redesigned from top to bottom. The advanced technology and equipment can fully meet all the requirements of the exhibition industry. The first-class service is unparalleled in the exhibition industry.

       The exhibition hall has 41 conference halls of different sizes and can accommodate 19,500 people. This represents the highest standards of the German exhibition venues. More than 2,000 conferences and other events are held every year at the Cologne Convention Center.

This year we yobo came

       In September of this year, we yobo will go to this world’s top exhibition. This time our company spent a lot of money to participate in the September Cologne  International Baby and Children’s Products Exhibition (K+J)! The time of the exhibition is September 20, 2018 and September 23, 2018. The scale of the exhibition is 100,000 square meters.

       2018 is the 57th Cologne Baby Fair. Products include baby clothes, children’s home textiles and supplies, baby carriages, children’s furniture, children’s toys and other products, product refinement and comprehensive. Divided into children’s shoes, home textile bags and household items, baby stroller, children’s furniture and toys in three major halls.

       In recent years, most of the people who participated in the exhibition were importers, exporters, manufacturers, wholesalers, agents, and large-scale chain stores, specialty stores, and other procurement personnel. Moreover, the wide coverage of the exhibition and the novelty of its products have also attracted buyers from all over the world.

       The atmosphere at the K+J exhibition is also optimistic. It can be seen from the flow of people or the degree of participants. The number of exhibitors last time reached 937 exhibitors, with over 21,000 buyers.

       A total of 87% of visitors said that their visits exceeded their expectations and were quite satisfied with such a trading platform. In addition, the number of visitors from Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, and South Korea increased significantly. Another sign of the success of the last K+J show was the increase in the number of baby products associations that came to participate. Examples include the British Baby Products Association (BPA), the Spanish Association of Children’s Products (ASEPRI) and European Children’s Fashion (CFE). In addition, on the same day, a European Union of Baby Products (ENPC) was announced.

       In the last exhibition, two exhibition halls were opened, namely the first floor, the second floor of Hall 10, and the first, second and third floors of Hall 11 and attracted visitors from Germany, Spain, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Poland, Russia, and Denmark. Exhibitors from more than a dozen countries, including Italy, have involved Britax, Garco, Aprica and Nux. For exhibitors, nearly 80% of them are from overseas and together with buyers, they have created a baby business world.

       To this end, yobo’s participation in this exhibition is also well-prepared. We have come up with our latest and most cutting-edge designs, using the highest new technologies. This is why we dare to compete with the world’s top brands. What we did was to establish fame of our yobo at this exhibition and find a group of like-minded partners. If you are interested can contact us, you can also come to our exhibition to discuss.  Give us a chance to trustwe repay you a chance to make money.

Post time: Jun-22-2018