Development History

      In 2007 Yobo was founded in a simple office of 20 square meters! At that time, foreign trade was not so widespread. We are mainly committed to the development of China’s domestic market.
      In 2010, our company was only 20 square meters from the beginning. Two people started their own business and developed into a 200-square-meter office. With more than a dozen individuals, the company sold tens of millions of yuan in sales!
      In 2013, we established our own factory with thousands of square feet and hundreds of people. The number of company teams also has more than 30 people, and annual sales have reached 50 million RMB!
      In 2015 Yobo felt the opportunity to enter the international market and joined Alibaba for export! In the first year of entering foreign trade, the so-called “everything is difficult at the beginning, and everything is new. Our company’s foreign trade department’s sales have only reached 800,000 US dollars.”
      However, last year, in 2017, we won the 2017 foreign trade new network operator in Ningbo, China’s major export city. Why? Because our foreign trade sales doubled from 2015 to 1.6 million dollars! Ranked in the top ten in the industry! And we also get the title of the best trader! Why can we get the best trader? It is that we treat the work seriously, rigorously, and responsiblely. This enables us to stand out among many companies. This title is our recognition of our serious work.
     This year, we opened three new stores on Alibaba. At the same time, we all know that in the fiery Alibaba March New Trade Festival, we Ningbo Alibaba’s flagship store in yobo, in this 1000 Alibaba official organization of the company Participate in the event to obtain the title of “Millions of Heroes”! This means that our flagship store has exceeded $1 million in orders in March this month! To know that this is only a month’s sales, but there are 12 months a year! I believe that in 2018 yobo’s foreign trade will do bigger and better!
     Over the past few years, our yobo business performance has grown exponentially. This is why our company is backed by factories, with strong strength, good products, good service and low prices. So feel free to choose us and you will find this option to be the right choice for you!